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Founded in 1991 in Taichung, Wise Center Precision Appliance Co., Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing a variety of gardening tools for both DIY (do-it-yourself) users and professionals, mainly offering garden shears, lopping shears, hedge shears, pruners, grass shears, extended tree pruners, water pipe shears, branch pruners, saws, and PVC pipe cutters, as well as flower scissors, grafting shears, small tools and related gardening accessories. President Thomas Lin insists to run quality tools. With a focus on IQC (input quality control), IPQC (in process quality control), and QA (quality assurance), Wise Center has achieved ISO9001:2008 certification and our products meet Germany's GS (GeprUfte Sicherheit) standards. Moreover, over 24 years experiences, know-how in strong and effective R&D and production and owned over seventy patent products, Wise Center has earned an incredible reputation for high quality, prompt delivery, competitive prices and good service in the market.

Hedge Shaping Manufacturer in Taiwan

We are an expert company that has gotten a seal of approval for the past 30 years. Our technicians and representatives are committed to providing the best hedge clippers, hedge shaping, garden clippers services to the population that we serve for years to come. You can also visit Wise Center Precision Appliance Co., Ltd.'s showroom where you can find excellent performance hedge clippers, hedge shaping, garden clippers. Our collection of these items is extensively used by our clients all across the nation due to their durability, reliability, corrosion & abrasion resistance and excellent performance. We are pride of our competitiveness and do our utmost to be able to offer a comprehensive range of the latest technology for all the major tools manufacturers, which includes a wide variety of hedge clippers, hedge shaping, garden clippers and related accessories at fantastic prices.
Hedge Shaping


Gear Action Straight Hedge Shear

Garden Gear Action Straight Hedge Shears
Features :

Hedge shears is used in trimming the grove or finer branch. The types of blade head are between Wavy and Straight.

Specification :

Item No. 245003
Construction Gear Action
Top Blade material S50C carbon steel
Top Blade finished Chrome Plating
Bottom Blade material S50C carbon steel
Bottom Blade finished Black Non-stick Coating
Handles Painting Steel Tube
Grip Two color PP/TPR grips

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Our company is a well-developed manufacturer of hedge clippers, hedge shaping, garden clippers. We provide a variety of Hedge Shears, including hedge clippers, hedge shaping, garden clippers, all with superior quality. We have appointed a team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified experts in order to effectively handle and maintain our warehousing unit in the most organized manner. At Wise Center Precision Appliance Co., Ltd., we believe that strength comes from within. That’s why every selector zed strength machine we create is based on a deep understanding of the human body and driven by a sincere desire to help users at every level get strong and stay fit. If you want to purchase any of our products in retail quantities, please contact one of our seller.